Shhh Woman talking

Shhh Woman talking

My feisty fabulous feminist friends and I were sitting at the local farmers market on a lazy Saturday morning, enjoying a coffee and a catch-up, when a man, known to some of us, and considered to be a progressive and aware young man, came over to say hi and joined in our conversation.  We were enjoying our catch up time together but didn’t mind too much.  We didn’t mind him adding his opinions and thoughts on what we were discussing, but what we DID mind was his constant interrupting and talking over us.

We were annoyed.  We were frustrated.  This is something that women experience day in and day out.  Being spoken over, being interrupted, having our opinions and thoughts delegated to the “if we’ve got time” section of society’s agenda. By the time he left, our annoyance and frustration had turned into creativity and action.  “We need to make a shirt that says “SHHH-WOMEN ARE TALKING”!  So we did!

Ideas for more Feminist t-shirts kept rolling...

So here we are.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Deb and Maree x